CCA-Treated Guardrail Posts, Piles, and Poles – Good for the Environment and the Economy

Courtesy of Arnold Forest Products Corp. Our highway and interstate system is a critical component of our nation’s infrastructure and economy.  They are essential for the transportation of goods and services, emergency responders, commuting to work, and family vacations.   It is imperative that our highways provide safe travel for all.  Highway guardrails (see picture) are … [Read more…]

Benefits of Wood Utility Poles

Photo courtesy – Dr. Todd Shupe Our society has become much more environmentally sensitive and responsible in recent years.  Recycling has increased, air and water standards are improved, smoking tobacco is generally prohibited inside most public buildings, etc.  However, a phobia exists regarding wooden poles.  There is nothing particularly aesthetically appealing about a creosote-treated pole that … [Read more…]