Wood Flooring – Lawsuits, Experience, and Opinions

Photo courtesy of Gene Mall I love solid wood floors.  I have seen old dilapidated houses bought with a credit card and the floors and paneling salvaged and resold for a tremendous profit.   Studies have shown that patients in hospitals will heal faster when they are in a room with a more natural “feel” than … [Read more…]

Shell Rot in Wood Poles

Photo courtesy of Osmose Utilities All preservative-treated wood poles commonly used in North America are subject to “shell rot” or surface decay below the ground line.  In southern pine poles, which compose roughly 85% of the poles in North America, this type of decay is most common.  Western species such as Douglas-fir and cedar are … [Read more…]

The Importance of Wood Species Identification

  A hand lens is essential to see anatomical properties. One of the first things you need to understand about wood is variability.  As a biological material it is inherently different than other building products such as steel.  A steel beam has uniform properties throughout the beam and each beam will have essentially the same … [Read more…]