Furniture Refinishing

Furniture Refinishing Lessons learned I love to refinish furniture.   A fresh coat of finish on a piece of furniture will make it shine like a freshly painted house.  Once it is all over, it is very satisfying to sit back in your easy chair and look at your work across the living room.    Furniture refinishing … [Read more…]

Fractionation of Heavy Metals in Liquefied Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)-Treated Wood Sludge Using a Modified BCR-Sequential Extraction Procedure

The photo is courtesy of Mike Freeman Summary of CCA Sequential Extraction Chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood was liquefied with polyethylene glycol/glycerin and sulfuric acid. After liquefaction, most CCA metals (98% As, 92% Cr, and 83% Cu) were removed from liquefied CCA-treated wood by precipitation with calcium hydroxide. The original CCA-treated wood and liquefied CCA-treated … [Read more…]