Medicinal, Environmental, and Other Products From Tree Bark

Medicinal, Environmental, and Other Products From Tree Bark Native Americans I admire the resourcefulness of the Native Americans.   They lived off the land without any of the comforts that we enjoy today.  There was no electricity, running water, or cell phones.  At times the cell phone is not very high on my list of comforts.   … [Read more…]

End Cracking of Round Posts

1. My mailbox from the road. 2. The top of my mailbox post My Mailbox My mailbox has been hit by passing cars several times in the past few years.  The last one was a good one so it was time to get a new mailbox.  The new post is pressure treated for ground contact … [Read more…]

Maintaining Your Wood Cutting Board and Knives

Wooden cutting boards and knives are my most used kitchen tools.  Obviously, as for myself, we use all-natural wood and not polypropylene or polyethylene (plastics) cutting boards.  I don’t buy organic food but I try to avoid products produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas processing, and feedstocks derived from crude oil refining (i.e., plastics). … [Read more…]