Is Cypress Mulch Destroying Our Wetlands?

Is Cypress Mulch Destroying Our Wetlands? A few years ago, several environmental groups raised the issue that the sale of cypress mulch was causing the decline of cypress forests.   Cypress can live but cannot regenerate in areas that are permanently flooded.  These groups alleged that cypress was being harvested on private lands that were permanently … [Read more…]

Matching New Stain to Old Wood

As seen on My house was one of thousands that flooded in 2016 in the Baton Rouge, La area.  I did not have time to elevate any antique furniture, family heirlooms, etc before leaving the house.  So, upon return all of my furniture had a water line about 14 inches up from the floor.  … [Read more…]

Wood Staining – Lessons Learned

Slow Down and Do It Right I love to stain wood.  It is relaxing and rewarding to see the finished product, especially when it comes out nice.  I have blogged before about the importance of patience when doing any wood working project, especially staining.  I recently purchased some beautiful 1x12x8 white pine lumber to use … [Read more…]