Rapid Recovery of Metals in CCA-treated Wood

 ABSTRACT The recovery of heavy metals from chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated southern pine wood particles was investigated using binary acid solutions consisting of two of acetic, oxalic, and phosphoric acids in a microwave reactor. Formation of an insoluble copper oxalate complex in the binary solution containing oxalic acid was the major factor for low copper … [Read more…]

Conductance-Type (Resistance-Type) Wood Moisture Meters

Conductance-Type (Resistance-Type) Wood Moisture Meters Importance of Wood Moisture Meters Wood moisture meters are widely used instruments to rapidly determine moisture content (MC).   These meters are invaluable because the traditional methods to determine MC are slow and destructive to the sample.   Wood MC is important for maximum utilization because it effects numerous important wood properties … [Read more…]

Influence of solvent type on microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo

Influence of solvent type on microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo Microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo in glycerol, polyethylene glycerol (PEG), methanol, ethanol, and water were comparatively investigated by evaluating the temperature-dependence for conversion and liquefied residue characteristics. The conversion for the liquefaction in methanol, ethanol, and water increased with an increase in reaction temperature, while that for … [Read more…]