Don’t Delay in Painting Exterior Wood

Don’t Delay in Painting Exterior Wood With timely repainting, an exterior wood surface can last for centuries.   The problem primarily occurs when the wood surface has been degraded due to weathering prior to the application of the primer coat.  The primer paint/wood interface is critical to ensuring the long-term performance of paint.  The paint failure … [Read more…]

Hydrothermal (HT) Processing of Plant Biomass for Petrochemical and Bioenergy Products

INTRODUCTION Plant biomass represent a vast, renewable source of biobased feedstocks for chemical and thermal processing into biobased energy and petrochemical products. This ongoing research uses hydrothermal (HT) treatment, which simply refers to chemical reactions conducted in water that has been heated (200-600 ºC) and pressurized (50-500 bar) in the absence of dissolved molecular oxygen. … [Read more…]

Stabilizing and Bending of WOOD for the Hobbyist

Lumber scraps and cross-sections of angle cuts sawed from small logs or large limbs can be made into attractive items, but only if the wood is first treated with polymers and then properly seasoned, or if the wood is initially seasoned following special techniques. These treatments and techniques can result in profitable uses of “low … [Read more…]

Wood – Its Nature and Properties for Woodworking

For most cabinetmakers and furniture makers, wood is the raw material of choice. Wood has thousands of uses. Although wood may appear to be a relatively simple substance, closer examination shows that wood is one of the most complicated and unusual natural materials. The more you know about wood and its properties, the more valuable … [Read more…]

Woods of Louisiana

Woods of Louisiana Our state is blessed with a tremendous timber resource of approximately half hardwoods and half softwoods. These species are becoming increasingly important throughout the 64 Louisiana parishes and also in our global market place. We need to work with them and add value through further processing. The first step of value-added for … [Read more…]

Why and How to Market Wood Products

This publication is designed to educate small to medium size primary and secondary forest products industry personnel about why and how to market wood products. Hobbyists and producers of wooden arts and crafts will also benefit by learning the necessary marketing skills to increase revenue and make their part-time business or hobby less expensive. The … [Read more…]

Causes and Control of Wood Decay, Degradation, and Stain

Our society depends on wood for a variety of uses. As population increases, so does our need for wood. Steel, concrete and aluminum are some alternatives to treated wood in certain applications, but they have higher material costs, higher energy requirements in the production process, greater air and water pollution or environmental protection costs, and … [Read more…]

Wood Chair Safety

Wood is frequently used to construct a wide array of chairs for use at the home, office, restaurants, hotels and other establishments. These chairs range from simple four-legged, school-style chairs to three-legged bar stools. Wood is an excellent choice for chairs due to its inherent beauty and durability if properly maintained. I have been an … [Read more…]

Rapid Recovery of Metals in CCA-treated Wood

 ABSTRACT The recovery of heavy metals from chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated southern pine wood particles was investigated using binary acid solutions consisting of two of acetic, oxalic, and phosphoric acids in a microwave reactor. Formation of an insoluble copper oxalate complex in the binary solution containing oxalic acid was the major factor for low copper … [Read more…]