Conductance-Type (Resistance-Type) Wood Moisture Meters

Conductance-Type (Resistance-Type) Wood Moisture Meters Importance of Wood Moisture Meters Wood moisture meters are widely used instruments to rapidly determine moisture content (MC).   These meters are invaluable because the traditional methods to determine MC are slow and destructive to the sample.   Wood MC is important for maximum utilization because it effects numerous important wood properties … [Read more…]

Influence of solvent type on microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo

Influence of solvent type on microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo Microwave-assisted liquefaction of bamboo in glycerol, polyethylene glycerol (PEG), methanol, ethanol, and water were comparatively investigated by evaluating the temperature-dependence for conversion and liquefied residue characteristics. The conversion for the liquefaction in methanol, ethanol, and water increased with an increase in reaction temperature, while that for … [Read more…]

Wooden Ladder Safety

Wooden Ladder Safety According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one person every few days is killed by falling from a ladder. Almost all falls are preventable if the ladder is used safely. A ladder is a vertical or inclined set of steps also called rungs. There are two types: rigid ladders that can be leaned against … [Read more…]

Care of Wood Decks

Care of Wood Decks Deck Restoration The bright color of the wood on weathered decks can be restored by application of commercial products (called deck cleaners, brighteners, or restorers). These products do not add color to the deck, but remove mildew and dirt, allowing the natural color of the wood to show. If all the … [Read more…]

History of Naval Stores

What are naval stores? Naval stores originally came from longleaf pine trees and were used in shipbuilding. These products or “stores” are turpentine, rosin, tar and pitch. During the American Revolution, longleaf pine forests were common throughout the vast prairies of southeast Louisiana. The gum-like resin harvested from these trees was known as crude turpentine. The … [Read more…]

Finishes For Wood Decks

Finishes For Wood Decks Wood Finishes Wood decks have become an important part of residential construction. Wood decks can add versatile living space to a home and, with minimal maintenance, provide decades of use. However, wood decks are exposed to high levels of stress from severe weather conditions that shrink and swell the wood. With- … [Read more…]

Wood Cars

Young boys years ago made wooden cars and raced them in the pinewood derby. I recall mine was held in the basement of my home church. My car was fast but not fast enough to win. I never imagined that wood would someday be used to make or fuel cars. Now, the use of wood … [Read more…]