Here is what they say about Dr. Todd Shupe.

I met Dr. Shupe through the international Research Group on Wood Protection and the American Wood Protection Association. As a research Professor at LSU he was a great contact and helped me extensively with wood protection research and especially with Formosan termite protection. I had started research work at LSU under Dr. Ramsey Smith and Dr. Dennis Ring, then continued this with Dr. Shupe. In my opinion it is rare to find a University Researcher that combines the factors of listening to your needs, being knowledgeable enough to proceed with the work and being committed enough to actually follow through and get the work done.
Dr. Jeff Lloyd
V-P Research & Development | Nisus Corporation
Todd has done several projects for me through the years and his work is first-rate. Even better, he brings additional perspective allowing streamlining of some projects to achieve significant cost and time savings. He's on-time and on-budget.
Dr. Craig R. McIntyre
President | McIntyre Associates, LLC
Todd Shupe is a gentleman in a world where not many exist....he is kind, considerate, and caring....His love for his family and for his GOD resonates through his treatment of people...no matter race, income, gender, etc., Todd treats everyone with respect and kindness...he is loyal to his friends and to his Christian faith....He speaks the gospel at all times and uses words when necessary, but his actions and his generosity towards his fellow man speaks volumes.... You will not find a more faithful, loyal friend nor a better man, father, or testament of faith than Dr. Todd Shupe.
Kay Charbonnet
Outside Sales | Coca Sales, Inc.
As CEO of Pleasant Ridge Solutions and recently retired scientist from Georgia-Pacific, I recommend Todd to assist you in solving your wood technology concerns. My experience working with Todd resulted in providing speedy and sound analysis of wood treatment issues. It has always been a pleasure to work with Todd in developing solutions to problems.
Eddie W. Price
CEO | Pleasant Ridge Solutions, LLC
I called upon Dr. Shupe’s expertise in a hotly contested case. His knowledge of the subject matter, as well as his ability to withstand cross-examination, made him a pleasure to work with.
William S. Bordelon
Attorney and Partner | Bordelon & Shea, LLP
Todd Shupe is an exceptional individual. I had the opportunity of first meeting him at Beth Townsend's home, publisher of Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine, and he has assisted us with new ideas for the magazine and also handled sales for the magazine. His perseverance and diligence are two traits that stand out in Todd. Honestly, I wish I was as organized as he is in his daily obligations.
Sharon Furrate Bailey
Artist & Account Executive | Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine
During my tenure as Director of Technical and Environmental Affairs I had the opportunity to work with Todd on several Southern Pine issues. I found Todd to be well qualified, detailed and on budget and schedule. Todd is very respected in the wood industry and his background and experience make him a valuable resource.
Les Lonning
Former Director of Technical and Environmental Affairs | McFarland Cascade
Dr. Todd Shupe is one of the most compassionate men that I have ever met. He personifies what it means to be a genuine Christian and follower of Christ. I have worked with Todd in several organizations and always found him to be professional, dependable, and loyal. He is an active member of several mens ministries, active in community ministries, and his local church.
Elmo Winters
Executive Director | Kingdom Group
I have known Todd Shupe for many years, but I never truly knew his character until the Great Flood of 2016. He is a very moral man with Christian values and an intense love of family, friends, and community. I have witnessed Todd work hours upon hours to help rebuild people’s homes and their lives with no ulterior motives. Many people have good intentions, it’s a rare find to have one that will implement intentions and that’s Todd Shupe.
Bridgette Rushing
President | Complete Benefit Solutions, Inc.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Todd in the non-profit world and enjoy his enthusiastic approach to service work. What I find tedious and difficult to approach he easily executes and completes in a very timely manner. His willingness to step up and commit to volunteer work is a great encouragement to myself, and I hope becomes a model for others to do likewise.
Mark Lubbock
Executive Director | Gulf South Men
After going to church with Todd Shupe for many years and having a casual relationship, I had the opportunity to get to know him at a very deep level on a spiritual weekend. Since that weekend 6 years ago, Todd has been one of my closest friends. Todd’s character and dedication to friends and family make him a rare find. He truly has a servant’s heart. I am amazed at how he serves so selflessly. God has truly blessed me by bringing me a friend like Todd!
Jim Gilbert
Senior Technician | ExxonMobil Pipeline Company
When I first met Todd Shupe, I knew he was different. As both a friend and a career associate, he has proven to be loyal, committed, and assertive when it comes to getting a job done. Not one to give up, he demonstrates attention to detail and an understanding of building relationships on integrity and mutual goals. He stays on top of the task at hand, and communicates effectively every step of the way. I’m thankful to know him and am even more thankful for the opportunity to work with him on an ongoing basis.
Beth Townsend
Publisher | Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine
After retiring in 2011, I started to get more involved with my church (Robert's United Methodist Church). I became the president of Robert's Methodist Men's charter in 2011. I met Brother Todd in 2014 at a Baton Rouge District United Methodist Men meeting. I realized right off that Todd was a man of God who was willing to help people and help our BR District Methodist men Charter. I became the BR District President in 2016 and Todd assumed the roles of Asst. Secretary and the Call Team Chairman. Todd was one member of the BR district that I can rely on. Me and Todd became close friends. Todd came over to my house after the 2016 flood and helped me pull my flooring, tear out sheetrock, and hang new sheetrock. Truly I have been blessed by having a friend like Todd. Thanks to my Brother and may God continue to bless him.
Gary Morris
President | Baton Rouge District of United Methodist Men
I have known Dr. Todd Shupe in excess of two decades. Upon our first meeting at an annual Forest Products Society meeting as a shy but diligent and determined PhD candidate, he struck me as a future industry leader. Later as an academic and a researcher and director of an ISO 17025 laboratory, I was pleased to see my predictions that come true. He is constantly dedicated to providing the absolute best in customer service and client satisfaction, as well as continuing to improve himself both personally and professionally daily. I highly value our professional relationship and our personal friendship for these many years.
Mike H. Freeman
Owner | Independent Wood Scientist
I have known Todd, both personally and professionally, for several years. I have always found Todd to be a good Christian friend and a person very knowledgeable in many aspects of Wood Science and Technology. I value the advice that I have received from him throughout our several years of association.
Terry L. Amburgey
Partner | Wood Protection Specialist, LLC
During my tenure as Executive Vice-President of the North American Wood Pole Council and Executive Director of the Southern Pressure Treater’s Association, Dr. Todd Shupe was a consultant on numerous treated wood issues. He was a member of SPTA’s regional utility pole conference and expo planning committee and participated as a speaker and technical expert at the same. He has proven to be very knowledgeable, responsible, creative, reliable, and connected. He was always a pleasure to work with.
Carl Johnson
Executive Director (Retired) | Southern Pressure Treater’s Association & North American Wood Pole Council