Below is a brief description of some of the services offered by Wood Science Consulting, LLC.  

I provide in house assistance with all manufacturing problems including solid wood, composites, treated wood, furniture, flooring, etc. My assistance is twofold (1) root cause analysis of the problem and (2) implementing lean manufacturing techniques to decrease waste and improve production flow.

I am available for in house training of staff on wood science issues, lean manufacturing/quality control, ISO 9001, 17025, and 14001, and EHS and OSHA training and auditing. I have conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops and would love to come to your plant and help you achieve your production and EHS goals.

I have served as an expert witness in several tort cases and insurance claims for both the plaintiff and defendant.  I provide unbiased forensic analyses of in service product failures. Previous cases have widely ranged from accidents involving utility poles, chairs, ladders and animal deaths due to ingestion of (1) improperly treated preservative-treated wood and (2) highly toxic tropical wood species in horse bedding. Other cases have involved wood species identification, premature failure of wood floors, fastener corrosion, bagasse-based insulation board failure.

Lab and field testing can be performed in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, AWPA, ICC-ES, other standard or non-standard methods or SOPs.

Please contact me at (225) 773-3015 or [email protected] if I can be of service to you.