Woods of Louisiana

Our state is blessed with a tremendous timber resource of approximately half hardwoods and half softwoods. These species are becoming increasingly important throughout the 64 Louisiana parishes and also in our global market place. We need to work with them and add value through further processing. The first step of value-added for a secondary processor or hobbyist is proper species selection. The forest products industry is well established throughout Louisiana. This publication summarizes the properties of 40 native Louisiana timber species. We recognize that not all of these species presently have commercial importance to the forest products industry, but hobbyists and craftsmen often enjoy working with lesser-known species and have difficulty in locating information for such species. In addition, more of these species may become commercially viable in the near future.

It is imperative to understand the properties of a particular wood species before selecting it for any application. The woods of Louisiana vary considerably in density and hardness, so the workability of species in terms of machining, nailing, gluing and carving will also vary. This publication is designed as a reference to assist in learning about the properties of our native Louisiana woods. Use it to make a more informed choice for your wood working project, no matter how big or small.

Meet the Author

Dr. Todd Shupe is the President of Wood Science Consulting, LLC. He is a well-recognized expert on wood forensics, wood preservation, wood decay and degradation, and wood species identification. He has a broad background in new product development, quality management, and marketing and sales in both the public and private sectors. For more information please visit DrToddShupe.com.

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